35 weeks

This morning I weighed 240lbs. I'm so ready to have this baby. I read in one of my books that sometimes when the baby drops, it's worse for mom and sometimes it's better. For me, it's much worse. I am going to the bathroom non-stop. My hips hurt so I can't sleep. The pressure on my pelvis is painful whenever I stand up. The doctor did say that his head is fitting nicely into my pelvis right now, so I'm guessing that means he's coming out the va-jay-jay for now. I'm keeping my mind open on c-section or regular birth so I'm not upset either way.

The baby app on my phone says my son (now called MoMo the Monster for his kicking habits) should be gaining one ounce of weight per day. If that's true, he now weighs 7lb 7oz. Our bag is packed and ready for the hospital. Now, we wait.


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