Seven pounds?

Merry New Year!! (The pic is of the hubs and me NYE at dinner. Not the best belly shot, but a cute photo of us.)

After a week off work, I'm ready to go back. Last week was amazingly awesome to get everything ready for the baby's arrival (I even have most of my bag packed!) and spending time at home with the hubs. However, at my ultrasound on Friday, I learned that my son already weighs (an estimated) 7lbs. I still have six weeks to go!!  That is crazy!

They also told me that he is "engaged" or head-down and in the "ready to go" position. I'm definitely experiencing more intense and often braxton hicks contractions, and some minor pains below my uterus, but I'm not sure if any of those things means anything yet. I go back to the OB Tuesday, so I'll find out more then, hopefully!

(The poor dog has been staying up with us all day instead of sleeping his normal 8 hours while we are at work. By NYE, he was ready for some serious slumber!)

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