37 weeks - and now we wait.

My little monster is officially full term. I've been ready for about two weeks now to "no longer be pregnant." I have BBH (BIG Braxton Hicks) contractions all the time now, and they are really starting to be uncomfortable (not painful though). But, I guess it's not really my call. I have an ultrasound scheduled in two days, and hopefully after that I'll know how big he is and if I'll be induced.

I'd really rather not be induced. As much as I don't want to be pregnant, I'd rather wait until my body does it's natural thing and get this baby out on its own. I've heard so many horror stories of long, painful births for moms who are induced. However, if I have a medically necessary c-section, then I'm all for it.

To try to urge him out, I've been walking, cleaning and organizing. I don't really feel the nesting instinct yet though. I've just been doing those things in hopes that he will want to come on out!

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