Back to the grind

Yikes. Twelve weeks is over.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. Back to a new office, in a new building with several new faces. I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I'm excited to start on new projects (I've been keeping semi-close tabs on what's going on in my absence) and to see my work-friends on a regular basis again. I'm excited to work in a brand new building with all new office materials, and to be closer to the main building I have meetings  in (versus the .5 mile walk to most meetings).

I'm nervous because I know my little buddy is going to miss me and I'm going to miss him. I've left him for a few hours, but nothing longer. I'm nervous about how this whole pumping situation will go with my milk supply. I barely make enough for him to get 2 oz as it is, and I think being away and the new environment will deplete it further.

I'm anxious because he's still getting up at least once (usually just once) in the middle of the night. And right now, I still want to be the one to get up with him and feed him. Some of his "friends" that are just a tiny bit older are much faster at going back to sleep. If my buddy wakes up, it's at least 30 minutes, usually an hour to get him back to sleep. If he could get it down to 20, maybe mommy could fall back asleep easier.

I am looking forward to the new routine though. I think a set routine will be good for both of us.

And thank sweet baby Jesus that my mom is willing to move in during the week to take care of the babe. If not, I'd have a lot more anxiety.

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