Project Pump

Pumping at work is rather interesting. In my old office building, I would have had access to a hospital-grade pump and just walk down to the room with my half of the supplies and plug into that pump. However, while I was on maternity leave, my office moved to a new building. This building has no provided pump, so I tote my own (borrowed) pump back and forth.

Not only am I carrying my Vera Bradley "pump bag" in and out (along with a smaller bag with an ice pack to keep it cold) but I have to carry it from my desk down three flights and into the pump room. I feel slightly silly doing so, but I guess no one really knows what is in the bag.

In addition to the logistics of being the bag lady, it's also proving a challenge to schedule the time to pump. I'm thinking I'll need to start blocking out 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon to make sure my meeting schedule allows Project Pump to continue. I haven't pumped since early on and I like seeing that I'm much more productive nowadays.

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