PT part 1

I had no idea what to expect from a PT session, so I went wearing comfy clothes and kind of expected to sweat a little. I've been slowly upping my workouts and that day I planned to walk two miles with my neighbor friends, walk again with my sister (who babysat while I went to PT) another 2-3 miles and then run with one of my neighbor friends that night. I wasn't sure how intense the PT would be, but luckily, we just lounged around. Literally.

Basically, she had me stand, sit and lay in different positions. She said it's pretty common with women who just had a baby to have spine issues and not be aligned just right, causing pain. Apparently, your six-pack separates when pregnant and might need some help getting back together. So, I have breathing exercises to work on pushing those abs back together and I have to lay down on my stomach and push my hips one way and my chest the other to straighten out my spine whenever my sciatic nerve starts acting up and shooting pain down my leg. While that's not always realistic, I have noticed some improvements already. I still have a lot of pain in the morning when I first wake up and in the evenings, but I'm doing much better during the day. I go back next week to follow up.

On a side note, I'd probably be closer to pain-free in the evenings if I'd quit trying to dig up stumps from bushes we cut down in the yard all afternoon. Gotta work on that curb appeal.

On another side note, the hubs and I started counting calories this week. I love that we are doing it together. And for total transparency, I weighed 224 yesterday. The goal right now is pre-pregnancy weight of 195 (by August 1), with an ultimate goal of 175.

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