I'm my most unhealthy.

Every year, my work offers a free mini health screening where employees can get their health metrics checked. They do a finger prick and get enough blood for cholesterol, glucose and a few other numbers. Last year, I was about to give birth when I went, so we'll ignore those numbers. I went to get my finger pricked today.

Compared to 2011 data, my weight is up almost 25 lbs, my cholesterol went from 111 to 155 (which is still well below the recommended number) and my glucose is up to 104 from 80 (but I did eat right before I went today and fasted in 2011).

They also do a BMI and hip-to-waist ratio to help you look for other ways to be depressed. ;)

My BMI used to be borderline green-yellow. Today, I was in the red at 30. My ratio is still pretty good, but that's because of my shape. My hips have gained 8 inches since 2011. EIGHT. I'll let that sink in.


Early 2013 weight: 220.4
Today, I weighed 214.6 - so almost 6lbs down, 24 more to go.

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JSal said...

Considering you've spent the better part of the last year unable to exercise, I'd say you are doing just fine. You may not have lost the baby weight yet, but you didn't really gain any weight either. You still look great! And I'm sure now that you are able to actually lift things heavier than 10lbs it will be much easier to get healthy. I bet this time next year will be a much less depressing health check up!