You spin me right round

I went to spinning for the first time in about a year and a half yesterday. I want to tell you that it was awesome. I want to tell you that I had fun in class and that I can't wait to go back. That's how I used to feel about spinning. But yesterday was terrible - mostly because of the instructor. She was an older woman who did not really motivate me. She didn't yell or keep with the beat of the song - two things I like to have happen to motivate me to move it, move it. For example, she says let's do a slow climb and then plays Bulletproof. So we are pedaling super slow with lots of "gears" on while this upbeat pop song is playing. It was driving me bonkers.

So, I'm not sure if I'll go back. If I do, I'm going to ignore her craziness and just ride how I want.

I also went to 6am yoga (6am seems to work the best for me to be able to work out consistently, so I have limited choices as far as classes go) which I loved. I'm definitely going back to that, but it's already canceled for tomorrow due to the snow we are supposed to get.

Wednesday weigh in:
Today's weight: 214.2
Last week: 214.8
Goal: 175

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