After hearing one of my friends is having marital troubles already, it got me thinking. You know how it seems like we go through phases in life. I feel like right now, at 28 minus one week, we are in the phase where most of our friends are married, and some are thinking about getting on the baby bandwagon. While the hubs and I, and our closest friends are not making babies, we know that it's in the near future for a lot of people our age.

So back to my thinkings - is there going to be a point when it seems like all our friends are getting divorced? Is that a time that we all need to be prepared for? I certainly hope not, but since half of us aren't making it these days, it seems inevitable that someone we know will do the big D. How do you cope with that? We have made some awesome friends, that we would not have met if it weren't for their other half. So are we allowed to stay friends with the non-original friend? Is the original friend going to ask us to spill the beans on them if we do keep in touch? Seems like a touchy area that I'd rather stay away from.

Therefore, I encourage all of you to tell your loved ones how much you care and work at your marriage. Be open and communicate. Let's turn that 50 percent back the other way - the way it was when our grandparents were young whippersappers.

Note: In no way am I considering divorce. I'm extremely happily married. I was even happy while we did long distance for the last year, but now that we are living together in our own house again, things are great! I'm not saying we have the perfect marriage or anything like that, but we are both happy and love each other and that's what matters to us.


Denise said...

awesome post Sarah! I think people are too excepting of the possibility of divorce. It shouldn’t be the safety net you assume is there when you are entering into your marriage- it should only be a last resort if a really bad situation arises.
As the book the 5 Love Languages promotes: it often just takes “the little things” to keep your spouse’s "love tank" full and your marriage happy.

Jamie B. said...

The divorce rate for second marriages is 70%. Kinda scary for me :)

Jamie B. said...

Oh and also....Curt has been going through the "stage" where most of his friends are getting divorces. Luckily for us "young kids", that's about 10-12 years down the road :)