Nice little Sunday

I spent most of the day today outside in the front of the house. I weeded, trimmed, pruned and mulched the area between the front porch and walkway. That big bush on in front of the right window is actually a holly bush. I heard that they will not produce berries unless the opposite sex holly bush is nearby. While trimming today, I found some little green berries just starting to bloom. So while I still don't know if our bush is male or female, its mate must be close!!

This is the finished product also has a perfect spot for a rose bush (the clear area to the left):

Roses are one of my favorite flowers, and I left behind four beautiful rose bushes when we moved. They were just starting to bloom when we left them in the hands of two tiny people who bought our house. If I had somewhere to plant them immediately, I would have taken them with me.

I also worked on the other side of the garage. This side faces the street with the most traffic, so I definitely plan to spend a lot of time on this side of the house next spring. For now, I just trimmed and spruced a bit. I did plant my mini-garden of tomatoes and peppers toward the back of the house, and they all seem to be thriving there, so I might keep my garden there for next year, or I might move it around to the back of the house once I tackle that mess of weeds...

I don't know what kind of groundcover is in front of those bushes (where PugDog is checking them out) but the bottom half is green, while the top half is brown/dead looking. At first I thought they were great because they were the perfect size leaves, but now they are just plain ugly and I tried to cut most of them down - which is the brown empty spot to the left of PugDog.

While at the home store, I also bought the cute little cactus for the kitchen table in the previous post. I think it's adorable.

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