Hey there blogland, how's it going?

I just read about one of my friends* posting about jumping on the baby-making-wagon. While the hubs and I are still not ready to even put our big toe in that water, I often consider how I will handle that communication. As a professional communicator, I feel like I should have a communications plan for this huge life-changing event. So I think about cute little ways to tell our parents. I think about not telling anyone. I think about how to tell the office. I think about excuses for coming in late three months in a row. I think about what the proper way to tell extended family is, and when.

And then I think, maybe we should just wait a little longer.

*I have never met her in person, but feel like I know her and consider us blog-friends.

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Courtney Chesley said...

Well of course we are! LOL.

Just the decision to begin planning/trying is a tough one, nevertheless announcing it to the universe. My bosses and family knew before I posted, so that definitely helped.<3