Operation Garage Sale

I have big weekend plans. They involve masking tape, sharpies and cleaning out the garage. That's right. We are having our first ever garage sale next weekend (Oct. 3). Our neighborhood is advertising this thing as "the biggest in the St. Louis area." I'm not so sure about that claim, however, they are renting port-a-potties and the police come to direct traffic... so it's probably bigger than most. My new neighbor friend says don't plan on leaving. She says to stock up on food/water for the weekend because I won't be able to get in or out all weekend. My mom is moving in.

Apparently there's a web site with all the houses and lists their large items for sale (we all had to turn in $10 and a form) but I haven't looked at it yet. There's also a pre-sale for neighbors only to check out the good stuff. Similar to the early bird, but even earlier.

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