MBA? Check.

Tonight was a big night for me. I took my last final for my last class to complete my MBA. I don't want to announce it prematurely, but I'm preeeetty sure I will graduate in December. Do I have plans to do anything with those extra letters after my name? Nope. Not at this time. However, someday in the future I might want to teach at a community college, so now I can do that. I can also sleep at night knowing that I've completed it before we decided to jump on the baby bandwagon. I have to agree with everyone who told me to do it before we had kids. I'm not sure I can even handle having a kid, much less trying to go to school at the same time. Taking care of 1 husband and 1 small pug is enough for this girl.

So hopefully, now that school is over I will have more motivation to write here. I'm writing so much more in my job lately that I just haven't had the energy after studying.


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Congrats...I can't wait to be done with grad school in May!