Interweb talk

I'm sure some of you are with me, when I say that I hate IE. I've been using Firefox exclusively for years now, but at home, we have issues. The hubs and I both use fbook, gmail, yahoo and blog. Because I hate logging him out and logging myself in on our home computer, I decided to try google chrome. This way, he can be logged in on Firefox and I can use chrome. It's so much easier to split it that way.

So far, I'm a fan of the Chrome. I cannot operate without tabs, so it's good that it has those. (I hate it when I use a computer at work and it has IE from like 2003 without tabbing capabilities. I keep hitting ctrl T and get so frustrated when nothing happens. The worst part is when the owner of said work computer has no idea what a tab is...) I also like the 'recently visited' blocks that pop up when I open a new tab. I'm not like the hubs who visits all corners of the internets. I stay in my little bubble of my 10 favorite sites and don't venture out much, so this works well for me.

If you still use IE, which is internet explorer, I highly suggest you venture out and try something new. You might be pleasantly suprised.

And stay tuned. I video'ed the horse at half time on Friday. Will post soon.

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