Dinner ideas?

It's almost 7 p.m. here and I just got in from a quick run (1mile) before my ears starting hurting from the cold so I quit. Now it's time to make some dinner, but instead I'm foolin' around on facebook, blogging for you people and giving the dog the silent treatment for snapping at me on our walk. The stupid animal looooves to eat grass covered turds from other dogs and when I try to prevent this, he gets protective of those turds. Little jerk.

Anyway, I'm looking for some new dinner ideas that are fast and healthy. Last night I made this recipe for Creamy Mushroom Chicken sans green onions. I am a really slow cook so it took me about an hour to make this, but it turned out really good! I took this about halfway through cooking everything together. That big white clump on the left is the laughing cow. It made it perfectly creamy.


Katie O'Something said...

I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I bookmarked that site so I can make that chicken!

Lisa M said...

Looks very good, Laughing Cow melt and all. The website you linked to looks good as well. Thanks.