Man v Food

There's something about the show Man v. Food that just grosses me out. I'm not sure if it's the sheer amount of food or that he is just shoveling it into his mouth, but I find it appalling. The hubs just LOVES the show, and has been recording every episode. I do not see the appeal.

It seems to me that we are watching some dude gorge himself on various types of meals. And now that he's a semi-celebrity, you know 19-year-old boys think they can eat like that too. This cannot be healthy. It's like we are encouraging them to eat MORE massive meals to "train" for their food challenges. I saw one documentary of a hotdog contest eater - not sure if it's the guy that backed out in July or not - who eat a head of lettuce and some chicken for a meal to eat a lot of food, but not really a lot of calories. I don't really have a problem with that, but I'm curious if Adam is doing the same thing to prepare for his food duels.

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MJ said...

I strongly dislike this show as well. Any show that has blatant overeating really gets to me and actually makes me uneasy/nauseous. I think the first time I noticed it happening was a super Mario brothers commercial where the guy kept eating spaghetti and he exploded (or something like that). It involved overeating and exploding and I just couldn't handle it after that. Ew...