Spin and broccoli

Yesterday I took my first spinning class in two+ years. I was a sweaty sweaty mess at the end, but it was absolutely awesome. I like spinning because you can control the tension and make it your workout. I'm planning on going again Friday, but not sure about after that. The thing is, we don't have a gym membership, but this week I can take classes for free at work, so I'll take advantage of that! I think I can pay per class in the future, so we'll see if I can work it into the budget. It might just be worth it if I can prevent getting any more of what I call "the secretary thigh." I'm not really gaining any weight, but I can tell my thighs are wider than they used to be in college. I think that adds up from part work-all-day-in-a-chair job, and part getting-older.

Tonight I tried "roasting" broccoli in the oven with a little bit of EVOO and garlic salt and it was delish!! I'm pretty proud of myself for not burning them and really liking them!!


Lisa M said...

One of my favorites! I roast it with a light coating of fat free olive oil cooking spray and, like you, I use garlic salt. I also love "Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt" (found at grocery stores) on veggies. Sooo good. I put squeezes of lemon juice over the broccoli after it's done roasting, too. Tastes amazing.

I do the same thing with sliced brussels spouts and asparagus too. Yay for veggies.

Katie said...

That looks really good! Question: did you put the pan on the center rack or did you broil it on the top rack? I really want to try this. :)

Sarah said...

I put them on the our top rack, which is about center in our oven. I don't think you'd want to do it on the top because some of the bits were burning. I didn't have a timer on, but it was about 20 minutes.

Sarah said...

and Lisa,

I've tried brussel sprouts about 3x like this and I never like them when I make them, but I love them when other people do! It's so weird!!