5k slacking

Wow. Last week was rough for me emotionally. The combination of stress at work and stress at home made for a unproductive week as far as working out goes. I only ran one time (usually three) and went to one kettlebell class (I usually go twice a week) and one yoga class (normal).

The hubs and I did spend most of the weekend working on our curb appeal by digging out a big mound of dirt that the previous owner had neglected into a big pile of weeds. While we've attempted to keep as few weeds from growing there as possible for the past two years, we finally tackled the task of digging out the roots. We were both sunburned and sore from that project, but we were tough today and tackled another. We bought a pole saw attachment for the hubs' weed-wacker and went to town on a monster thorn bush that was next to our front porch. It took about 6 hours of cutting down limbs and then dragging them to the backyard fire pit pile of wood to get that thing out of our lives. The true challenge was to bleed as little as possible from the thorns. A high-quality photo illustration is below. I took this photo two years ago when we first moved in, so image two more years of thorn-ified growth on that bia. We took out the other FOUR bushes to the left of the front door last fall.

And this is what it looks like tonight, with three new bushes ready to move in - two boxwoods and an azalea.

Needless to say, I did not run yesterday or today. Tomorrow is kettlebell, and I have a "park date" after that to walk with one of my marathon-running friends, so maybe I can convince her to run with me. ;)

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Celeste said...

I like the end product! It looks much better sans the thorn bush.