Oatmeal talk

One of our (being Americans, not me and mine) favorite fast food joints is McDonalds, right? I know they've had oatmeal on the menu for a few months now, but as a rule I don't eat at the golden arches. I just read a pretty good article summarizing my thoughts on the oatmeal at McDonalds.

Unfortunately, my hubs still does occasionally eat McD's when he's in a rush. I say it's not worth it, but that's another story. When McD's came out with oatmeal, he attempted to get me to eat them one morning. I didn't even need to set foot in the store or place an order to know that would be a poor choice. Along with everything else in that "restaurant" I knew it would be full of chemicals and unnatural ingredients. I was 100 percent sure they could screw up something so simple as oatmeal.

I also just saw a recipe for PB&J oatmeal, which I'm going to try soon. I think the hubs might like it too. I usually eat plain oats with some honey or fruit added, but he still eats the packets from the store. While some would say that's a poor choice, it's certainly better than anything from McD's - and cheaper too!

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