Organic yogurt find

My first taste of organic yogurt. I haven't been buying any yogurt lately because they all have sucralose (splenda) or aspartame in it (among other chemicals). I've been looking at organic yogurt for a while, but it seems like the craze is all about greek yogurt right now, which I didn't care for.

But this, this was good. Texture was a little thin compare to other yogurts and a little more sour in taste, but I really liked it. It's on sale this week for .99 cents at my local grocery store. Is that a good price?


Katie said...

Which Greek yogurts have you tried? I think either Yoplait or Dannon has one with fruit on the bottom so if you mix it all together it's pretty fruity. Also, the Fage kind with the fruit (or honey) on the side is nice because you can choose how much of it you mix in.

For me it was a bit of an acquired taste, but now I love it and barely need any fruit or honey mixed in. I bet if you try some different flavors or brands you'll find something you like!

Also, have you tried the YoPlus yogurt? I don't think that has sucrolose or aspartame in it.

Sarah said...

I'm not sure what brand it was - someone let me try a bite of theirs and I didn't like it. Maybe I'll try it again with fruit.