Farmer's Market

This morning I forced myself to get up and dressed so I could run to the farmer's market closest to my house. I came home with a few goodies, but I really need to make the effort to get up earlier and go farther to a better one. My friend Katie says the one by her house is awesome, but that's 45 minutes from me. I guess we'll have to plan ahead. Even the farmer's market at work during the week is better than the one I just went to.

Here's what I came home with:
I have my own tomato plants in the garden, but they aren't quite ripe yet, so I just bought one to tide me over. I haven't seen my FIL's garden in a while so I'm not sure if he planted sweet potatoes again this year or not, so I got two of those and then since we have been eating corn so often lately, I stocked up.

I also visited the Amish bakery booth - love them. I picked up a tasty raisin sweet bread - that actually turned out to be really dry and perfect for french toast.

It turned out great! The hubs even high-fived me after breakfast.


Katie said...

I wouldn't say our farmers market is awesome, but it's awesome how close it is. BUT, if the one you went to was worse than the one at Barnes, maybe mine is pretty good!

Let's definitely plan a morning for you to come with me, and then we can do brunch!

Lizard said...

Did they sell those jumbo brown eggs @ the market? (saw pic of carton) Sorry, the FIL didn't get to plant sweet potatoes, to wet, but he has a bumper crop of white.

Lizard said...

Oh, they do sell brown eggs @ the Benton Farmer's Market for $2.50/doz. MUCH smaller than the FIL

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

Those were Straw's eggs. I don't buy eggs anymore!!