New countertops!!

The hubs finally broke down and let us get new countertops in the kitchen. They are solid surface - similar to corian brand, but from a different company.

I LOVE them already. The kitchen feels bigger somehow - I think because the backsplash is much thinner on these babies compared to our old formica countertops. We still need to paint around the edge where the old countertops did a little damage when we ripped them out. I just spackled so that's why they are white.

In case you don't remember what they used to look like, here's that same piece of countertop when we first moved in two years ago - white appliances and all.

I hated the green-on-green look, so we replaced the floor last winter and finally updated the countertops. You can just barely see the new floor in the top picture.

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MJ said...

Wow! The new counter tops make such a huge difference! It looks great!