Minor procedure

written Saturday, June 25 (7 weeks pregnant)

This week (at 7 weeks) I had to have a minor procedure done "down there." Apparently I've been carrying around a polyp on my cervix for a while now, and my OB wanted to get it out of there before the baby gets any bigger - mostly because she said it will eventually bleed and scare me. And, the baby came out of the right side of my lady parts, whereas this little bugger was on the left, so it did not interfere with anything baby-related, yet. 

While it only took about 15 minutes to get the polyp out, it was the strangest thing because it was like the OB was controlling crazy-hard period cramps with every pull on this polyp. It turned out to be more painful that she said it was going to be, but also bled much less afterward. She gave me a monster pad to wear the rest of the day, and all I really needed was a liner. 

In other 7 week news, I've found several strange things happening already to this pregnant body:
  • I can smell all kinds of things - luckily none of them have made me nauseous, but the folks in my office need to step up their coffee-breath prevention, stat.
  • For some reason I like two pillows when I sleep... I've always liked one very flat pillow. Now, I want two. I don't get it.
  • I need a nap every day. Do not come near me if I haven't had it yet. Not only do I feel more sick the closer to the end of the day, but I feel like I just cannot go on without a nap. 
  • I already feel fat. I'm trying my best to know that it's because of the baby, but that is not an easy mindset. I want to stop eating and work out more but I know that's not going to happen. 

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