The nausea settles in

written Saturday, June 11 (5 weeks pregnant)

This is probably TMI. Read on if you want to be grossed out.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I had and continue to have a problem of nausea, but not so much throwing up, and issues with it going the other way. At one point this week, I'd irritated my hemorrhoid to the point of the toilet being full of red water. I alerted my OB as the internet said to do. She referred me to my primary care provider (or PCP), who said I should go to the ER or that she could see me July 13. I said that's bullshit and not happening. So I reported back to the OB what the PCP said and she says to come to her office at 9am the next morning to see the nurse practitioner. Deal. I also need to bring a sample with me... oh.

I immediately leave work because there's no way I can collect said sample at work, and I didn't feel so hot anyway. It's always nicer to be at your own house with your own toilet paper and comfy pants in these situations.

I go in and explain everything. They say not a huge deal unless I have a fever. The sample says I do have rectal bleeding, but not the kind that is up high in the GI tract (which = more serious problems). She prescribes me some high-powered butt foam that has a numbing agent to make my bottom less painful (turns out that stuff was $45 so I told the pharmacy they could keep that 5-day prescription) and I'm on my way.

I have my "real" first appointment with the OB next week - at 6 weeks.

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Liz said...

Yikes! Good call on not spending the $45. Preparation-H could probably do the same thing.

I've heard of pregnancy causing a lot of bowel issues, so the good news is I guess that means you're still experiencing all the "normal" symptoms!