16 weeks

I've lost my husband to his new teaching job and football practice, so I'm back to taking these photos myself.

  • This week, I weighed 207. Still a little higher than I'd like but at least not such a drastic increase.
  • The "bump" is definitely here. Yesterday at work, someone asked me if I were pregnant for the first time without any prompting or prior knowledge. She said she could tell.
  • My ear is still clogging up all the time. Almost every day now.
  • The skin at the top of my stomach is starting to stretch - I have an itchy dry patch that seems to go away when I lotion it up in the mornings. Hopefully that will prevent additional stretch marks to the ones I earned in college.
  • I can feel the baby moving!!! Such a strange sensation at first. I didn't really know what to expect, but it's super odd. Today I was wearing tight pants (my own pants, with the hair tie as a clasp) and I think the little nugget didn't like that so much. Whenever I sat down, I imagined it pushing back out because that's when I could feel it.

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Katie O. said...

You look great Sarah! I really think you've "popped" for sure. :)

Also, why aren't you using my tripod!?