Two more strange things

I forgot one on my list!! My ear doing this strange clogged feeling, where my hearing sounds muffled in just the right ear for a while, then it will go away. I asked the OB about it and she said no big deal - all mucus membranes are expanding and producing more mucus. Great.

I started sleeping with a humidifier to see if that helps. So far, it's not, but it probably helps the hubs and his morning sneezing ritual, so I'll keep using it anyway.

Here's my 14 week picture - a different shot of my other weird thing. I'm finding this is so much easier than my belly band for now. I can just use a hair tie to keep my pants on. You can see that I'm not that much bigger, because the clasp is only about an inch and a half from it's original hook, but no way is it going to meet with its partner. Everyone is saying I'm starting to show - just a bit.

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