The damage is beginning

Written Friday, August 5, 13 weeks pregnant

I'm having a really hard time accepting this whole weight-gain thing. I don't really feel pregnant yet. Other than being beyond hungry every couple of hours and peeing twice as much as that, I feel pretty normal now. We did get to see the little squirt the other day for about an hour at my 12-week ultrasound, so I know it's in there. But, I just feel like I've gained several pounds and that I need to quit eating and work out more. I know HOW to lose weight and there's this little internal battle almost daily about should I eat more - no I should stay hungry longer, then the other side of me reminds myself that there is, in fact, a wee little baby (about 2 inches tall) rolling around inside my stomach and is probably hungry too.

I really don't want to gain more than 30 lbs. I started this journey at 195-ish, but we'll go with that. At 13 weeks, I weigh 202. One of the charts online says I should only weigh 200 next week at 14 weeks, so I'm already ahead of the chart. And I'm not happy about that.

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