I almost told the hairdresser first.

written Thursday, June 30 (8 weeks pregnant)

The day I should have had my period, I got my hair cut and highlighted. I was thisclose to telling my hairdresser that I was probably pregnant. I was thinking about that last night while eating my 2am snack of saltine crackers. It's amazing what people will tell the hairdresser - or anyone really who isn't close to their friends or family. Maybe it's an outside perspective, or maybe it's the freedom of knowing they won't tell anyone else. But I didn't. One baby shower I went to had a game with questions. One asked the baby momma "who was the first person you told?" and I didn't want my answer to be the hairdresser.

This morning we had some dude in our kitchen measuring for new countertops (ya know, so we can do all of the things to the house we wanted to do before we are too busy changing diapers and not sleeping). I came out of the bedroom to find out my hubs had already told this stranger that we were expecting. Not that it bothered me - just noting that baby daddys do this too.

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