Merry Christmas to us.

This year, both sides of my family have gone from everyone exchange presents to drawing names with a dollar limit for presents. Hubby's family has decided to not exchange presents for Christmas, and everyone is supposed to buy for the great-grandkids.

Because we will be spending less on our families' presents, we decided to splurge a little bit on ourselves. We are young enough and have very little invested in the stock market, so we aren't really feeling all this mumbo-jumbo about a recession.

In an effort to lose a little bit of weight and improve our health, we bought a nice big treadmill for our house. I think that when you are looking at these monstrosities in the store, their size is misleading due to the high ceilings and concrete flooring of the sports megastore. When you bring them home though, hubby's idea that he "can just fold it up and roll it into the bedroom" was severely off kilter. Instead, this 300-lb monster is hanging out in my living room, and I can barely budge it with all my force.*

So much for my tough guy hubby being able to "roll it into the bedroom..."

*EDIT NOTE: Just to clarify, my husband is probably one of the most physically-strong people you will meet, should you meet him. I'll bet you $50 he can beat you at arm-wrestle and bench press your body weight, maybe even 2x your body weight if your name is JLB soon to be JLF.

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Perhaps we should try this out?