Oreo Balls

Today at work, we had a holiday party for all marketing/pr employees in the hospital system, not just for my happy hospital. I had a great time planning for this event even though I joked because they somehow mistook me for someone who knows something about baking. I was co-chair of the bake-off. I didn't know until I really got into the nitty-gritty of this task that it was taken SO SERIOUSLY.

So when I arrived at 2:50, when the bake-off judging did not officially begin until 4 pm, and everyone was freaking out because no one was there to tell them where to place their baked good, and there were no signs available to label their goods!!! The absurdity of that!!!

It ended up calming down when my co-chair arrived with the signs and labels, and the judging went great. Because I was not a judge, I decided to enter the Celeste Special, aka Oreo Balls. If you have not had an oreo ball in your mouth yet, you are seriously missing out in life. (that's what she said.)

Well it turns out, I can make a mean Oreo Ball because I ended up winning!! I did not win "best in show" but I did win the "no-bake" category. Boo-Yah! I can't cook, but I can no-bake!

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