Shop time!

This weekend is the annual shopping trip for all the ladies in hubby's family. I joined them for the first time last year and had a great time bonding with them AND getting almost all my shopping done in one day.

They all have this process down to a science. They know exactly where to park, how to get a locker to continually pack bags full of gifts in throughout the day so you don't have to carry them around. They choose excellent places to eat to continually refuel (shopping like this will take it out of you!)

Maybe this is poor planning -we'll find out soon - but I have done very little shopping so far this holiday season. The only people I'm completely finished with are my dad and my hubby.

This year, the trip is coming to me instead of me driving up with them. We are planning on going out to eat with B and A Friday night and meeting up with everyone else at the Galleria on Saturday. Even my mom is going to shop for a while! I'm not sure what hubby will do all day Saturday while I'm shopping. I wish he'd shop with me but I doubt that will happen.

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