Christmas Day prep

For the past three years, the hubs and I have been waking up at my father-in-laws' house. Our niece was brought there and we enjoyed seeing her open presents from pa-pa. This year, we decided to go ahead and wake up at our house. We are having my parents and sister/bro in law over for lunch before we all head to my grandma's for dinner. This way, the hubs and I can have our own mini-Christmas together before we rush around cooking for the fam. We are both horrible at waiting to open gifts. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened yet. We love buying gifts for each other and as products of this generation, we seek immediate gratification. We want to watch the other one open the present RIGHT NOW!!

If hubs were going to be home with me tomorrow night, I might consider having our little gift exchange early, but instead he will be at the MO-IL game with his best buddy. I'll be grocery shopping and cleaning the house.

Because it's our first time hosting Christmas, I want to make a record of the planned menu. If you have something to suggest, please feel free. Or tell me what your family eats on Christmas day. I bet the hubs' family tator tots is not the only non-traditional tradition.

Baked chicken
Green bean casserole
Imo's salad
Crescent rolls
Sweet potato puffs
Dessert from Rusty

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