The Holiday Spirit

What a great Christmas! We had an awesome, drama-free holiday this year. The hubs probably spent too much money on my gift, but I love every part of it, so I'm not returning any of it! :)

The drama-free part of the holiday was sort of bittersweet. My SIL is a little dramatic and has decided that we are no longer part of her life. The sad part is, "her life" includes our niece, who we love dearly. So while we didn't get to see the niece or even talk to her on the phone, we did get a message that if we had any presents that we should drop them off at the grandparent's house for pick up later in the week. I'm guessing that she thought she was being extra nice to us by making that offer. However, it just doesn't work that way. Since we were told that we were no longer part of their lives, we did not buy the niece any gifts.

But Christmas eve was spent with the hubs' family and I had a great time watching all the other kiddos open their presents and bonding with my still semi-new extended family. It was awesome because the SIL was not there to make anyone uncomfortable or cause any unnecessary drama.

I hope your holiday was equally as wonderful.

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