New favorite

I used to be a single-star server at Cracker Barrel. The entire time I worked there I usually ate grilled chicken, biscuits or apple dumpling for dinner. Not once did I try the "Eggs in a Basket" dish on the breakfast menu. A few weeks ago I decided to try it, and I fell in love.

Tonight, I attempted it at home. I made four "baskets" for the hubs and I to share, but only half of them were "correct." I busted the yolk in 2 baskets, which really ruins the entire basket experience for me. I prefer my egg in the basket to be over easy, or as my sister called it when we were kids "dip egg."

I found the only way to not break the yolk was to flip the basket by hand, lowering it slowly back down to the griddle. Poor hubs' first basket turned out to be french toast for the most part. His egg went over the entire basket, but he is a good husband and ate it anyway.


daybydaybyDenise said...

I LOVE Eggs in a basket! I have never tried making it at home but I think i will now. did you use regular bread, or a thicker cut?

Sarah said...

I used sourdough. I tried to find whole wheat sourdough, but couldn't so I just used regular. I read online that you can use any bread though really.