Most of the time I try to bake/cook somewhat healthy foods. This week, I did not even attempt. I baked cookies all day Friday with a few of my good buddies. If you are unaware, I pretty much suck at all things in the kitchen. I really suck at cooking dinner, but I can usually pull of baking. The image above proves I mess that up too. Can you see how the little chocolate kisses are burned on the tips? Yeah, I baked the cookies with the kisses on them...

But I saved them because I pulled off those burnt boys and used melted chocolate to adhere fresh, uncooked kisses and now they are delish! Those chocolate chips in the background were good the first time around. We also made sugar cookies and decorated them with green and pink (the red was never strong enough) icing. It was a fun day.

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Jamie B. said...

I can't believe you baked the cookies with the kisses on them!! This makes me laugh :)