Stupid treadmill

For the record, I did not want to buy the dang treadmill before we moved, but the hubs was extremely motivated to lose weight while I was not living with him. So I caved and we ended up with a 300lb monster to deal with during the move. To get it in the new house, we had to take it apart and put it back together because it was too wide to fit through the doorway. Neither of us bothered to use it while it was in the garage, plus the goody book says not to store it in the garage.

He did use the treadmill daily prior to the move, and I used it a few times a week once it was situated in our bedroom. It was nice to watch my soap while on the treadmill every night. However, a few weeks ago it started jolting to a stop while I was running (which scared the bejeezus out of me every time!!) and not turning on with the first try. Now, it won't beep beep to tell us it's ready. The switch lights up and I can hear the speakers turn on like it wants to work, but the screen never lights up to tell me to push start.

So now what? I have anther 300lb monster just chillin in my bedroom, when it's too cold to really run outside and I'm actually motivated to run. We took it apart this am to make sure it was all connected still, and it was. Soooo... I guess I'll have to call someone to fix it.

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