Sweets galore!

Sometimes, having a sweet tooth can get you into some real trouble. I do my best to stay away from "real" sweets - the ones with real butter, sugar and other things that are tasty, but horrible for someone trying to lose weight.

However, when my bro-in-law asked if I would help man his bakery's booth at a local art fair, I accepted.

This put me in close range with a lot of sweet treats, with very little willpower. Things like carrot cake, gooey butter cake (an STL thing if you are not from St. Louis) and a port wine chocolate torte, which ended up winning Best Dessert at the fair.

And a photo my sister took of me stealing a bite of gooey butter. In my defense, it was the knife scrapings that they were just going to throw away. I couldn't let it go to waste!!

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