Happy Holidays!!

WHOA. The holiday season is here in full force. What happened to November and December? I've been lost in the shuffle.

But, I'm excited about the holiday food coming up, and I love the tradition the hubs family has. They bring their favorites to Christmas - regardless what kind of crazy combo they come up with. Things I know will be on the menu this year so far: tator tots, potato salad, homemade ravioli, cheesey potatoes, chicken wings and a cheeseball. I'm hoping a certain cousin makes the brussel sprouts she made last year so I can have some green on my plate :)

Tonight, I'm going to make some homemade chex mix. A sweet old lady brought some to one of the five work-holiday parties I've been to in the last week and it was really good. She was even nice enough to write out the recipe on cute Christmas stationery.

The hubs is dying to exchange gifts. I'm not sure I'll be able to put my foot down any longer.

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