Buff Borgey No?

That's how I say Boeuf Bourguignon in my head. This weekend I watched Julie & Julia and loved it!! Such a cute movie! Sometimes I think I want to do a crazy blog-project like that, but then I get side-tracked and remember that I would rather read than write most of the time. So, now I want to make boeuf bourguignon really bad!! However, I feel like it may turn out similar to Julie's first version in the movie and I'd ruin it. I guess that's a chance I'll just have to take, right?

Speaking of reading - I FINALLY got my Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book back from some family members who borrowed it. I know now that I do not want to let them borrow my books unless I really don't want to read them again within a year. I just watched the second movie (Swedish version) of that series and am dying to re-read the books before the third movie comes out so I'm fresh on all the deets.

I also need to re-read the HP series before I see the last movie. I haven't seen it yet (gasp!) because we were out of town the weekend it came out, and now every one of my friends has seen it already or isn't into witchcraft and wizardry the way that I am.

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