Tonight's dinner

Since football season has been over, the hubs has resumed his place as Head Chef of the household. During the fall, I try to take off my Sous Chef hat and play Head Chef, but I don't think cereal and grilled cheese, or maybe tacos are good enough to call myself Head Chef.

A while ago, I bought some homemade pasta at a farmer's market so I this morning I put it on the counter as my hint to the hubs to cook it for dinner. He ended up making the pasta, but on top of it he stuffed some turkey meatballs with mozzarella cheese, making a really nice touch to our traditional version of spaghetti. And the meatballs were not dry - which is a first for us. Anyone who cooks with lean ground turkey knows it's pretty easy to dry out. I've tried meatballs before in the broiler that turned out to have good flavor, but were still a little dry.

I wish I would have taken a photo to show you all how perfectly pan-fried they were. The cheese was gooey in the middle and made a Thursday night dinner pretty awesome.

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