I'm off the wagon

It's official. I'm off the wagon. The good news is that my pants still fit. The bad news is I feel like I've gained 30 lbs.

For example, I have a meeting at work every other week. This is one of the few meetings that someone is required to bring a snack. We all take turns bringing in treats and I usually try to rock the boat by bringing in something semi-healthy. Today was the regular - sweet baked goods and salty chips and salsa. So what do I do? Go straight for the mini peanut butter cups. I like chips and salsa as much as the next girl (as long as it's mild salsa), but I have been in a sweet-searching mode lately. I really do believe the research that says once you start eating sweets, you want more - like an addiction.

So, I better go get on the treadmill to make up for all of those pb cups.


MJ said...

I too am off the wagon. I havent quit WW yet, but I'm off of the wagon. Christmas time is so freaking hard! I made it through thanksgiving, made a healthy meal but then was attacked by left overs. I also joined curves awhile back again and did their "No Gain Challenge" - the idea being that if you come 3x per week and don't gain from thanksgiving through christmas, you win a prize. I was really motivated, but then I got seriously ill for a week and lost the challange in the second week. My name was taken off the chart and I was seriously upset, so I gave up. I hate to be a cliche, but I'm really hoping to get back on the wagon sometime after christmas/new years.

I'm having a regular soda right now... :\

MJ said...

Also - I agree with the research about the sweets and once you have one, you want another one.

At work, it's a part of my duties to fill the most delicious candy dish on the planet. Every assortment of chocolate is in this dish. It sits about 3 feet away from my desk and is always in plain view. If I have one, I'm doomed.

I wish it wasn't there at all. But, there is nothing I can do about it nor is there an alternative place for the dish...stupid candy dish.

What i did to to help myself stay out of that dish is stop buying the reeces candy assortment for the dish. If its there I'll eat it.

Sarah said...

Luckily the candy dish/food area is pretty far from my cube. I only keep sugar free hard candy on my desk so I'm not tempted :)

We will get back on track after the holidays I'm sure.