My black Friday purchase

Because I'm a rockstar and won an award at work for my healthy lifestyle, I won a gift card to the gym in my building. I spent said gift card on their black Friday special. I bought two "punch cards" that can be used for classes. Normally they run for maybe $80 for 10 classes, which is not bad to start with, but I bought them for $50 each. So each time I go to yoga, spinning, boot camp or some other form of torture fun, it will only be $5.

I bought them with spinning going through my brain, but now that I have the updated schedule, I see that spinning is a full hour instead of the 30 minute baby-classes I took a few weeks ago. I'm not sure I'm up for a whole hour of bike-riding. That sounds like a sore butt to to me, but is probably worth it.

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