My kind of yoga

Even though there's a gym in my building at work, I prefer not to pay to be a member. I've explained this before, but basically we have too much equipment at home to justify paying for a membership - anywhere.

Tonight I took my first "plain" yoga class there with my punch card. I say plain because I've taken "power yoga" there and did not enjoy it as much. Don't get me wrong, it was a really tough work out, but that's not what I like yoga for. I like yoga for the mind and body combination. I like to hold poses for a long time and really think about getting them just right. I like to focus on my breathing. In power yoga, it was a lot of fast flowing moves that were meant to built up strength while doing some of the yoga poses. It felt like a LOT of push-up-type moves that left me sweating and out of breath. And, power yoga didn't have any much of the relaxing "corpse" pose at the end - which I love. It really helps me relax after focusing on my breathing at the very end of the session.

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