Butternut squash risotto

Tonight I attempted my first try at risotto. Butternut squash risotto to be exact. It took me an hour, but I thought it turned out quite well. Much better than my ravioli mishap. It was creamy and cheesey with just a hint of squash.

This photo was still taken at night, but with my Nikon. The leftovers.

P.S. I made this while the hubs wasn't home because I know he wasn't thrilled about the sound of butternut squash in anything. He came home and ate about half of the pan and said I should make it again sometime, so I'm taking that as a win. :)


Katie said...

Sounds yummy! Did you end up adding the asparagus or anything else to it?

Btw, your pics are so dark lately! Are these all phone pics?

Sarah said...

yeah I've been lazy lately - they are from my phone.

I ended up eating the asparagus last night with turkey burgers, so I just left it plain.