Day 1

Today was day one sans soda. I usually only drink one soda a day anyway during the week, so it's not a huge transition, but I might as well get rid of it.

My new favorite food finds:
Barbara's shredded oats original
Amy's organic black bean soup 
Annie's bunny grahams

I tried both the shredded oats and bunny grahams while visiting friends last week in Georgia. They are lucky enough to live near a Fresh Market and I stocked up. My friend Katie introduced me to the black bean soup - I ate that for lunch today and it was delish!

How was your first day back in the routine?


Katie said...

I love the black bean soup! Amy's are kinda expensive though, so if you like it enough to buy a case of it, buy it from Amazon like we did and you can save a few bucks. Canned soup lasts forever and it's nice to have on hand when you don't feel like cooking.

Sarah said...

I bought it for $1.69 for one can at Fresh Market.

An amazon 12-pack is $28.85 or $2.40/can.

I haven't looked for it at Dierbergs yet, but so far Fresh Market is cheaper. :)

Katie said...

Wow, what the heck is Fresh Market and when can we get one?!

At Schnucks and Dierbergs they're over $2.40/can. I think $2.69 or $2.89.

Sarah said...

I know! It's a store we went to in GA and it's similar to whole foods. I loved it.