New teeth... NOT

This post has nothing to do with being healthy, so if you are looking for a healthy tip today, look elsewhere.

When I was in the third grade, I was running out of the auditorium from a dance recital (maybe dress rehearsal?) with my tap shoes on. At some point between the door and the car, I tripped and fell on my face - chipping the bottoms of my two front teeth. Since then, I have had them patched with what is probably similar to the gunk they put in a cavity hole. They put the smelly stuff on there, then turn on that light until it beeps - you know the drill. Well, in the past few years, I've noticed a very distinguished line between real tooth and patchwork. Food was getting stuck in the crease often, and it really just bothered me. So, I asked the hubs if I could have my two front teeth for Christmas this year.

Three weeks ago, I had the majority of the prep work done for my new veneers (porcelain teeth caps) and have been walking around with temporary (obviously fake-looking) front teeth while my new ones were made. Yesterday, I went to have my new teeth put on, and they looked so awesome!! They were a little bit smaller than my real teeth, so I have less of a "horse" mouth with two long front teeth. The color perfectly matched my other teeth - they "distress" veneers to look look like your imperfect, natural teeth. The dentist tried them in my mouth and I loved the way they looked. She then passed them to her assistant and went to work to start cleaning my teeth and getting them ready for the final cementing.

Then he dropped one of my new teeth on the floor and it broke in half.

So... I have the temporary teeth back in, and hope to get my Christmas present next Friday.

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