The cupcakes and the weekend

I spent most of the day Saturday baking cupcakes to take to our friends who were having a dedication ceremony at their church. Take 2 of the frosting worked. I let the ingredients sit out for 2 hours and then didn't use any heavy whipping cream. Just cream cheese, vanilla, butter, powdered sugar. We stayed at the father-in-law's who just put in a new pool - I'm super excited about this.


JSal said...

1. Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!
2. Great pic of the Jones Family.
3. I LOVE tether-ball.
4. Looks like you guys had a great weekend.

JSal said...

5. Can I have that cupcake recipe? My mouth is watering!

Sarah said...

it's linked on the previous post too, or here:

and we had a great time bonding with all Joneses. :)