A little overboard

Today, I saw one of my kettlebell buddies at a personal training session today at 11. Those usually last an hour. Then, she came to kettlebell at 4:30. That lasts 30 minutes. I went back upstairs after kbell (I work above they gym at work) to finish up some stuff and walked back downstairs about 5:25. I saw her on the elliptical machine, sweating like crazy.

Maybe I'm a wimp, but I was thought the amount of her workouts in one day were a little overboard. I try to go with a little bit more of the "balance" approach - working out and eating healthy but also still enjoying myself and enjoying life. I don't like it when we go out to eat and I'm "that girl" who won't touch a fry or dessert at ALL. It's all about moderation people!!

Now, could I stand to work out a little bit more, and indulge a little less? Of course. Obviously, I'm not dropping tons of weight with my 30 minutes of working out today, but I'd rather come home and make dinner (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and asparagus) with my husband.

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