Pinterest and cupcakes

At Easter, the hubs' cousin was telling me all about her new favorite site and how I just HAD to join and see what it's all about. She sent me an invite later that night, but I didn't join right away. I had to check it out first. If you've never been on Pinterest, you should really get in the know. It's a seriously cool site and I love it already. It's basically an online bulletin board that you "pin" links to stuff you like. I read a lot of food blogs, so I think it's a great way to gather recipes in one place, as well as save random stuff that I want to buy but don't "need" so it's also a way to have a "birthday list" ready to go when my mom calls and asks what I want. I think of stuff all year and then when my birthday or Christmas comes along, I can't think of a darn thing to tell her.

So, while roaming Pinterest, I found this recipe for cupcakes. While this is not diet friendly, I had to bake a "practice run" before we go to our friends' party this weekend (and good thing I did!). The cupcakes turned out AMAZING, but I am not good at frosting. I've tried three times now to make it from scratch and every time it does not turn out well. However, everyone at work said my non-fluffy, drizzle frosting was still really good and that they wouldn't want much more because it was sweet enough already.

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