I loathe AT&T

I have been trying to get AT&T internet at our new house for more than a month now... I believe I made the first order the second week of May. It is June 16, and I have placed at least 5 orders, probably 6.

Every time I call to see why the internet is not working, the assholes at AT&T tell me that they have no record of my placing an order. Every time I get so frustrated to the point that I want to cry - and if you know me, you know that's a huge issue, because I'm really not a crying person.(Until this AM when some lady told me she could see all my orders but then she said she'd call me right back and never did...) So I just ordered their damn router, which I was trying my best to save that $93 and use our old router, but if that's the only way the assholes will give me the internet, fine. I'll pay your $93.

Here's proof of my order placed last week:

The bia I talked to today told me that my internet would be on between the hours of 8am and 8pm, June 18, with my router arriving that day from UPS, which I will need to be home to sign for, but not for the dude to turn on my internet.

Somewhere in this month, I've also signed up for shitty dial-up only to find out that our computer does not have a dial-up modem and HP wanted to charge me $50 "to determine the proper route to take in a solution" with no guarantee... no dice HP. I tried to buy an attachable dial-up modem from walmart - no such luck. So I also need to call and cancel that ISP when I calm down.

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casachristy said...

And, I imagine, each one of these phone calls took an hour.

At least internet-wise, it seems that no one is happy with AT&T these days.

I don't have any trouble with my phone service through them, though.